About Me

What I Do +

- Multi-dimensional Creative, Director, Producer, Shooter, Editor and VFX.

- First point of contact for Partners, Investors, Distributors, Keys

- Articulate & Attentive w/ fun loving attitude; organized and effectively detailed

- Focused visions and skilled performances across multi-channel scope

- Canon, Sony, R3D, Alexa mini, Phantom

- Adobe Suite - Advanced user of Premiere & After Effects

- Always Brand expansion: goals & purpose, concept development & reason, pre-production, production, and post-production 

- Analyze marketing information and translate it into strategic, comprehensive plans with clear, actionable, and measurable goals

- Assemble, manage, and/or lead key team members through successful creative campaigns... with a smiles ;p

- Creative expertise, effective leadership, strategic planning, and diligent financial management 

- Specialized in corporate entertainment both direct and native with positive proven performance in: narrative, lifestyle, tech, internal training, corporate communications, military, small business, crowdfunding, fashion, music video, and product or service, table top

- Effective form, fit, and function through alignment of branding, strategy, creative, pre-production, production, post-production, marketing, sales, advertising, project management, teamwork, and communication

- *currently learning and expanding my skills within engineering & robotics, motion control and soon to be VR and Extended Realities